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Tank Farm Installation
Kingston on Murray
January 2019

Award-winning Kingston Estate Wines is a family-owned vigneron and winemaker producing a wide range of wines that are exported around the world. They make and mature all their wine at their state-of-the-art winery in the township of Kingston on Murray, located in the centre of the Riverland wine region of South Australia.


In 2019 Kingston Estate Wines embarked with MayFab Engineering to expand their “Tank Farm” in order keep up with increasing demand. As a winery with top tier BRC compliance and a storage capacity of 117 million litres (equivalent to 156 million bottles of wine), all of their wine can be made and matured on-site until dispatched to the market.


Newly installed state of the art tanks and winemaking equipment enhance their ability to produce commercial and larger volume bulk wines to the highest standard. Efficient and sophisticated winemaking operations allow them to now make wine styles at all quality levels to the specific needs of their diverse global customers.

This project continues into 2021 with an ongoing process of growing, improving and maintaining the Tank Farm.

It is indeed challenging to keep the winery constantly running despite additions and alterations happening, but MayFab’s team have the knowledge on know-how to facilitate this ever-evolving endeavour.

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