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Equipment Installation and Transfer Lines
Glossop SA

Accolade Wines boast to have some of the industry’s most highly awarded winemakers who have excelled in their field for many decades. Worldly experience, attention to detail, passion and commitment combine to ensure all of their wines – from everyday drinking to the very best of what we have to offer – are treated with care and respect. It is through their winemakers that they bring you the diverse styles and varietals that shine in New World climates.


Accolade’s skilled global production workforce and award-winning facilities not only enhance the quality of the wines they produce, they ensure the business is run efficiently, while significantly reducing the impact on the environment. When combined, this means they can meet the needs of our customers competitively, safely and sustainably.

Accolade Wines’ Berri Estate winery is the largest grape processor in the Southern Hemisphere, crushing around 220,000 tonnes of grapes annually; around a third of South Australia’s entire crush. MayFab Engineering has been engaged on many occasions to install pipework throughout the new state-of-the-art bottling and warehousing facility erected in Glossop SA in 2019. This facility has the capacity to produce in excess of 8 million cases annually and warehouse storage for up to 27,000 pallets – overall, capable of producing over 100 million litres of wine per year.


As demonstrated by this project, MayFab Engineering can facilitate projects of any size.

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